Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day 2

Today was another packed day of colaborative projects, demos and education. But first We started off the day by noticing some street art that popped up around Chavon the night before. Someone had installed temporary installations around the campus using chalk and tape. We took some photos, heard the administration was not happy with the installations and by the time lunch time came, al of the pieces were gone. The Ephemeral nature of Street Art.

Next we went to the labs and went over everyone's blogs. You can access each students blog on the top left hand side of this page to follow each students experience whil they are here at Altos De Chavon. After an animated gif lesson we went back to the painting studio to paint. Our first excercise was to use a common often discarded material (we found old pieces of cardboard, wood, etc) and one student painted a background, and another student painted the foreground. The resulting pieces will be left around campus tonight for everyone to enjoy.

After lunch we went down into La Romana where we met up with N. Uribe and 2 other artists / sign painters at Tenal Atesania for a brief leson on the Culture and History of sign painting in the City. After some delicious coffee we got in the van with Uribe and sped arround the city checking out the vibrant street culture in the city and saw a great mix of murals and hand painted signage, ranging from very primitive to very sophisticated. We also got a special treat on this journey, Uribe brought us to his art gallery/studio where he had some amazing work from some of the best traditional painters in La Romana on display. Below are a selection of photos from our trip.

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